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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 4, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. another blow for atlantic city casino business, trump taj mahal will close its doors after labor day, who the own remembers blaming now. little boy humiliated at a local playgrounds, help track down the teenagers responsible. and this. >> the opening goal of the real olympics -- >> carli lloyd our hometown girl, she scores, the 2016 rio olympic games haven't even officially started but the us is already off to a good start. we take to you brazil and show you the games already played and the locals helping the us get the win. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 4th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. let's get right over to sue serio.
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sue, i gave you a gold star for your perfect weather yesterday. >> you know, if i take credit for the good days, then i have to take the blame for the bad. but i say yes, it was ten worthy. guess what? let's have another double digit again for today. off to a lovely start this morning. sky is clear. it is 68 degrees, we have north-northwest breeze at 3 miles an hour, relative humidity down to 78%. sunrise time official at 6:03, let's look atmore numbers, 65 in -- 55 in mount pocono, 62 in trenton, 63 degrees in wildwood, and 66 in dover. so, really nice start to the day. maybe give the air-conditioning at least a break for this morning, and dew points are down. so with dew points once they get into the 50's, around 60-ish, which all of them are, that's when we get back into the comfortable humidity range. no rain to show you on
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ultimate doppler. getting right to the forecast, comfortable start, upper 60s, mostly sunny skies, 80 degrees by lunchtime, top off just like yesterday with a high of 85. another beauty for thursday. how long can we keep this going, through the weekend, of course not. we'll talk about the weekends forecast coming up in the seven day, bob kelly, good morning. >> yes, as you ask that question to all of us, 4:02, back at it, the vine street expressway still closed between the schuylkill and broad street. all part of the overnight construction. you know the drill, south street, 30th, spring garden, jump off and use anyone of the number street. we have a bridge opening here underway, not the only one up early. burlington bristol bridge is up. all traffic stopped in both directions there. quick opening this morning. baseball this afternoon. 1:05, that's going to throw a lot of midday volume coming into the stadium area there. then bamm instant traffic jam once the game is over later
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on, kick start our evening rush hour, the market frankford, broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00. and new traffic pattern here for the good along 202. they have all three lanes open in each direction here. this stretch between route 401 and route 30, and out there on the overnight painting some lines. so be ready for something brand new when you head that way first thing this morning, lauren, back to you. >> trump taj taj mahal preparing to shut it doors during the longest strike. steve keeley live in ac where there will just be seven casinos left, steve? >> reporter: yes, unless this place does what it did before two years ago, threatened to close, but never did. so there is some faint hope that this is all bluffing back and forth trying to get everybody to finally give in and end this strike. but still, here we go. we started this right before the biggest summer weekend fourth of july. now the strike and the casino and the jobs of nearly 3,000
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people, may end on the next big summer weekend and the awful irony of the weekend where we celebrate this country's working men and women, labor day, could be the last working days for the men and women here at the trump taj mahal casino. >> i just talked to the workers. offered nothing other than than what the men are on strike over. now because he doesn't know how to deal with workers that stand up for themselves, he's decided to take his ball and go home. this is playgrounds bully tactics, and i believe that it is not going to work with the workers. >> reporter: so originally at one time were four casinos here in atlantic city with the trump name on it, after this place shutdown, there will be no trump labeled casinos and, lauren as you said, just seven casinos left. they're happy with this news. and we're going to go back to the old days here in atlantic
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city where the only casino at this end of the boardwalk will be resort international all by itself once again like it was when it was the first casino to open back in the 70s. and they're probably happy as heck because their biggest competition the revel, the showboat, and the trump taj mahal, next-door, all gone, no competitors here at the north end of the boardwalk, for resorts international once on the brink of closing it self, now probably going to do a whole lot better once their big competitor next-door get shutdown. lauren? >> steve keeley in atlantic city mayor john guardian also released a statement about the closure saying in part it is disappointing, with the hopes of making it profitable, again, and the mayor goes on to say, although these are still tough economic times, atlantic city has been resilient for over 160 years. and we will continue to do so as we rise to meet any challenge ahead of us. >> republican presidential nominee donald trump actually
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opened that casino back in 1990. but another billionaire eventually bought it. that's carl icon. trump once owned the taj and two other atlantic city casinos. but cut most ties with the city by 2009. trump kept a 10% steak in return for the use of his name. but a bankruptcy court wiped that away when icon took over in march. >> 4:06 this morning. monsignor william lynn released from prison child endangerment con vick ton overturned. jennifer joyce standing by live in center city with more. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, monsignor lynn back in court this morning. and new trial date could be set. he was just released from prison on tuesday, after serving nearly three years behind bars, lynn was the first us roman catholic church official ever to be charged or convicted of helping to shield child molesters. his 2012 conviction has been twice overturned days ago. state supreme court throughout the case saying the trial
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judge let too many church victims testify, who were not directly linked to the case in question. lynn was charged with endangering a boy by transferring a suspected preditor priest to his parish in the late 1990's. the district attorney's offers says it is intent on taking lynn back to trial. >> the d.a.'s office position that this level of institutional sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued is something that served justice, people of the commonwealth deserve to delve into this, and have this matter come to a conclusion in accordance with the law. >> since lynn's release from prison, he has been staying with relatives. his attorney says the six a year old spirit are good-bye battling recent medical issues, and again, this hearing is expected to get underway mid-morning, lauren? >> jennifer joyce, thanks for the update. >> police investigating two separate shootings in fairhill most recent happening just
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after 2:00 a.m. told the man was shot in the back and the leg along north american street. police officers took him to temple hospital. he is expected to be okay. >> the other shooting in the fairhill neighborhood happened just before 9:00 last night on the 3,000 block of north second street. someone shot a man in the stomach and hits arm. officers also rushed him to the hospital. he is in critical condition at temple. so far no arrests made in that case. >> police also looking into late night shooting in kingsessing. >> this happened just after 10:30 along bo month avenue. we're told a man was shot in the stomach. he was taken to penn presbyterian hospital. no word if any arrests were made. >> one person dead after being hit by septa train in delaware county just after 9:30 last night. septa spokesperson says the train traveling on the media elwin line hit the person near the fern win yeadon station. about 90 passengers were evacuated from the train and transferred to septa buses to complete their trips. the victim has yet to be identified. >> now, let's get to the top
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stories, brutal assault of 11 year old boy from playgrounds in north philadelphia has police pleading for your help. authority seeking group of four teenage boys about 14 or 15 years old. investigators say the 11 year old was playing basketball at the olney recreation center when the teenager stat dollars to chase him. they cornered him in a nearby alley, pulled out a handgun, forced him to take off his clothe and punched him. this happened july 12th. police released a picture of one of the teens suspect yesterday. >> i believe it is terrible, one, where are the parent? see, i have my crew. where are their parent at? >> to be 11 and go through that? not right. >> police say the reason for the attack is unknown at this point. they are asking anyone with information to contact the special victims unit. police patrols have been stepped up since that attack. >> the hectic commute for septa regional rail ride letters soon return to normal. septa announced its silver liner five cars will return safely to the tracks starting
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next month. the transit agency removed a third of it cars off the rales a month ago. avenge nears found structural defect, engineers are now working around the clock running tests started by labor day. the the repaired cars will be phased in, ten cars per week, full normal train schedules are expected by october. >> we see what our customers are going through. it is nothing we ever wanted for them. >> a lot of standing room only, crowded trains, and altered schedules, but you got to do what you got to do. >> septa officials say september will be transmission month, pass inning letters start seeing long awaited service improvement. septa also says the cost of the defect is running more than a million dollars a month. >> three men are under arrest after police say they were running elaborate medical marijuana business. these are police photos of some of the marijuana infused products. narcotics detective say they were being sold out of the house 1900 block every federal
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street. investigators say the suspect were using social media to sell pot-laced cook east, and other to customers. >> jason jones, mark reynolds, arrested with inch don't deliver two month ago, two of the suspect featured in a fox 29 segment on marijuana edibles. >> to developing story out of london. authorities are investigating a deadly knife attack there. one woman was killed, five other injured, in the attack in the center part of the city in brussels square yesterday. authority arrested the attacker. officials say terrorism is a possible motive. no word on the condition of the other people injured. the attacker has not yet been identified. >> 4:11, local mother behind bars for hiding her daughter from her father, how long authority say she kept the child away from her dad. and a local little league tribute to fallen officers. what they did in their championship game that inspired the team to victory.
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i was so sure it was friday when i woke up this morning, and then i realized it is thursday, so it is thursday, just in case you're in the same boat. now, we will track the tropics here and talk about what's now hurricane earl, and it just made landfall, within the last hour in belize city in belize, with 80-mile per hour wind. it continues to move to the west at a rate of about 14 miles an hour. so look like central mexico
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will eventually be affected. it will weaken as it goes back to a tropical depression, then eventually just low pressure system, but lots of rain. we understand there are power outages in belize, as a result of hurricane earl, with those powerful 80-mile per hour winds. very tranquil in contrast, here, in the philadelphia area. and the whole delaware valley. you see some rain down to the southwest, none that far is expected to make it way here, high pressure is going to block that from happening. so a dry day today, few clouds to the north and west, a dry day tomorrow, with few extra clouds, as we get ready for a cold front on saturday. so the rain from the cold front on saturday, i know you are making your weekend plans, looks like it could begin as early as 10:00 a.m. then the meat of that cold front, say, the thunderstorm that are possible, two, three, 4:00 in the afternoon, moving from northwest to southeast, and affecting the shore points, maybe about 6:00 in the evening before it all pulls off shore. we ends up with decent sunday.
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past seven days, when we look at the average hi, still 87 degrees, so we've had few days in a row, three in a row, where we've been below average including yesterday with high of 85. today we think 85 again, and for tomorrow, as well, talked about the thunderstorms on saturday, that's really the only fly in the ointment as we look at the seven day forecast. the only time we have thunderstorms, otherwise, lovely weather as we head into the middle of next week. that is a look at your seven day forecast, bob kelly, looking pretty good. >> does look good. see good looking traffic patterns today, if you head on out along 202. ring the penndot bell. another project almost 100% complete. notice a difference, this stretch here of 202, between 401 and the 30 bypass. they now have all six lanes, three north, three south, all opened up. it's been a long-term couple of year construction project. they put down some lines last night, repainted lines, looking here live, as the
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police are still out there with the cones between the 30 bypass, all the way up to route 401. let's go to the airport. getting ready to pack your bags, head out of town. so far so good at philadelphia international airport this morning. as sue mentioned, look like we'll have good couple of days to fly, no problems at all, nice and quiet, down at the airport, and then let's go to the ben franklin parkway. looking good downtown philadelphia. again, the vine expressway, still closed, until about 5:00. so anyone coming in to the city, you jump off at either 30th, spring garden, kind of go around the circle here in front of the cathedral. you have the fountain which they turnoff on the overnight, then work your way into center city. by 5:00 should be back to normal with the vine, and the burlington bristol just completed bridge opening. good to go there. >> bob, thank you so much. in bucks county police say they've arrest add woman for hiding the whereabouts of her young daughter from the girl's father. lower makefield police arrested 48 year old holly on monday. they say she is no fixed
4:18 am
address, investigators say she failed to return her daughter to her father and would not tell him where the five year old was for more than a month. police ended up finding the girl unharmed in florida. they're now saying who is caring for her, mom, now behind bars, unable to post bail. >> and we're learning more about the young father tragically killed when caught in crossfire in east germantown last week. police say 25 year old al ford was a hard-working father who had just left his job to pick up his three year old daughter from day care. suddenly gunfire errupted around him. police say two groups of men started shooting at each other on the crowded street and the bullet hit ford in his car. >> we got his daughter out the back seat before anything, but the daughter was still strapped in. it was horrible because so many people was around seeing that horrific incident. you know what i am saying? it was tragic. >> we believe he possibly protected her and that bullet actually, unfortunately, could have struck and killed his daughter. >> police say they have video of the scene and they're interviewing people right now to find the young father's
4:19 am
killers. >> philadelphia police say there have been 165 homicides in the city so far this year. that is up 8% from this time last year. the city ended 2015 with 280 homicides. it is highest total since 2012. >> woman missing $700 stolen out of her purse, new jersey state police say they know who did it. new jersey troopers looking for this woman. they say she grabbed a purse in a shopping cart at a hampton township wal-mart. surveillance camera caught her taking cash right out of it, and they say she later brought the purse to customer service, she left the parking lot in a light colored suv. >> a local little league team from new jersey is getting a lot of attention for these jerseys, instead, of the players names and team numbers on the back, the team did something little different. and as fox 29 shawnette wilson shows us, they did something special to honor police officers killed in the line of duty.
4:20 am
>> a lot every people don't recognize the police as good guys, a lot of people protesting at them, but they are the people risking their lives every day for us. >> sean and his south jersey sand shark teammates are proud whatever they did during their championship baseball game in hershey last weekend. >> their coach gary brenner is, too. >> the way things have been lately with law enforcement, tragedies we've had, we wanted to remember our brother and sisters who have been lost. >> take a close look at the team's jerseys. there is something different about them. >> went back, found some names of some officers, their badge numbers, put them on the back of our jerseys. we have a badge of mourning band on our shirt, as well as as the symbol of the american flag. >> each players jersey bears the name after fallen officer, instead of their own name. coach brenner said a parent came to him with the idea as a way to honor officers. it touched coach brenner, who
4:21 am
is also 14 year veteran of the galloway township police department. and it appears the fallen officers were with the team in spirit during the game. >> championship game down couple every runs, the last inning they said, hey, doing it for you guys. put on the jerseys. we came back and won it. >> the team brought home the trophy. but what they did is about much more than that. >> all the about teaching them the game of baseball. but i let these guys know there are more important things out these days than winning a baseball game. you know, you teach them life. >> get to the kids early these days, let them know early, police are the good guys, we're out there to protect you, help you. >> how cool is that storey? so we'll talk to the coach and some of the team members on good day this morning, they'll join us during the 8:00 hour and find out what their last are for those special jerseys. >> going for the gold. the games have not officially started? rio, but for the us the wins are already adding up.
4:22 am
who has already played, and the 2016 rio olympic games. first, your winning lottery numbers.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillies starting pitcher aaron nola on the 15 day disable list with a elbow sprain, started a pitcher, i didn't even know existed as a philly, kline, going to to
4:25 am
citizens become park on the didn't last long. tied it in the eighth with mikhail franco, wins it in the 12th. they win it five-four over san francisco. how about that? and the eagles did something different yesterday at practice. the team practiced for three hours for the first time in three years. they hit and had contact, which they didn't do either in the three years chip kelly was the head coach. but that's the way it should be. >> tackle football. you know, it is a physical game. you know, the other thing about it, too, that competition. just knowing that we're actually going to put the pads on and go to the ground today. >> you really don't want that first game to be the first time you hit another person. you know, that's when, you know, maybe a lot every missed tackles, comes from maybe not tackling in practice. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. the olympic opening ceremonies still about 36 hours away. but the competition has already started. soccer kicking things off with the reasoning worlds cup champs, women's soccer team
4:26 am
taking on new zealand in the opening game. new jersey native carli lloyd, makes it one-0us. moving to the second half in the 46 minute, morgan finds the net, goes up two-zero, right there. that would end up being the final score. their next game is saturday against france. >> and the olympic torch has just arrived in rio just ahead of the summer games. it arrived by boat at a naval base in rio yesterday. steered by crew of brazilian olympic sailors, then handed the torch to rio's mayor, members of team usa pick olympian michael phelps during tomorrow's opening is her moan. >> i roman catholic official released from prison now headed back to court. the reason why next on fox fox 29 morning news. on this cushion for generations.
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and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at >> another blow for atlantic city casino business. the trump taj mahal will shut it doors after labor day. who the own remembers blaming now. >> and his conviction was overturned, so why the local roman catholic official headed back to court today? the answer coming up next. >> and warning before you head down the shore. the beaches that have closed signs and the reason why. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 4th, 2016.
4:30 am
chris murphy has the morning off. so sue serio, based on the weather yesterday, what you think will happen today, i'd go down the shore, but now saying it is closed maybe? >> we'll have to get more details on that. but where ever you go in the not closed part, it will be nice. the knot closed part, with a sea breeze, how about another ten, out of ten, yes, we've got double digits again today. so rare in the month of august, in philadelphia, that we have a low humidity, we're celebrating with the comfortable 68 degrees, little bit after breeze, but not much out of the north-northwest. 78% relative humidity, sunrise 6:03, this morning. look at mount pocono, only 55 degrees, really cool, comfortable there, 62 in trenton, down in millville, new jersey, we have 62, as well, it is 66 degrees in dover. we took even away the humidity from dover, which is nice dew points about 60 years.
4:31 am
that means humidity at comfortable level, so we'll enjoy it while it is here. no rain on radar. lots of sunshine for today. the phillies have an afternoon game, and they're going for three in a row, because they beat the giants again last night. so, couldn't think of better weather. just remember, bob kelly, sunscreen. >> sunscreen, you got it, definitely for the 1:00 # five afternoon game down there. that's going to throw some unusual traffic jams our way today. one roadway to get there, the platt bridge, as we look live from our airport camera no up and over the platt, 105:67:89 so we'll see lunchtime jam. knack traffic patterns, maybe folks leaving early because they say they have a meeting, and then never come back. a lot of cubicals will be empty upstairs in the sales department, right? now, after that game is over, bamm, instant traffic jam will create automatic jammos for the evening rush hour.
4:32 am
live look outside of the studios at fourth and market, no problems on the major roadways, the schuylkill looking good, the 95 interchange looking fine, the only closure that is still with us is the vine street expressway. that is shutdown between the schuylkill and broad street until 5:00. and here on market street, we see the buses, that are used, shuttle buses for the market frankford and the subway also until 5:00. and then going outside, live look this is the talcony palmyra bridge, which is obviously on stand by, we got word, we had word every burlington bristol bridge opening this morning, this freighter will impact the talcony palmyra. getting ready to step out the front door, grab your coffee, head for the betsy ross bridge, that's the way to go. lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. trump taj mahal preparing to shut its doors during the longest casino strike in ac history. steve keeley is live in atlantic city where there just be seven casinos left. steve, hi,. >> reporter: lauren, remember we were here for day one of the strike on july 1st, and
4:33 am
still walking in circles here, but maybe not for long, the people on this picket line here and in their fellow bell man cocktail servers, bartenders, roommates, only make up less than half of the entire taj staff. others inside right now, you can see on the casino floor through the doors working and not on strike, from blackjack dealers to the retail and restaurant staff all will lose their jobs too if the announce the shutdown does indeed happen after labor day weekend. >> if you would just settle the contract with the same healthcare as everyone else in the city these workers with go back to work. he is not willing to do. that will he is not too long treat workers with respect. only treat them when they are on their hands and knees and begging for something, and these workers aren't going do that, then it is the right time to show the bull that i he really is. >> a lot of long-term employees put their heart and soul in this place.
4:34 am
he said the company is losing money. he should at least take a gamble on us, the employees. >> reporter: well the president says he'll not at all be surprised if carl icon only close this is place temporarily, then reopens it with new, non-union staff, since no one's buying these big beachfront casino hotels for anything but pennies on the dollar, icon, he says, can't turn a profit just paying the large real estate taxes, utility bills and upkeep after closed casino hotel. lauren? >> all right, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> police investigating two separate shootings in fair hills, most recent happened just after 2:00 a.m. we're told a man was shot in the back and the leg along north american street. police officers did take him to temple hospital. he is expected to be okay. and the other shooting happened just before nine the last night on the 3,000 block of north second street. someone shot him in the arm
4:35 am
and leg. i was taken to temple university hospital. so far no arrests made. >> police looking into late night shooting in king zest being. happened 10:30 along bo month avenue. man shot in the stack there, he was taken to pen presbyterian medical center. no word on his condition or if any arrests were made. >> one person is dead after being hit by a septa train in delaware county. this happened just after 9:30 last night. a septa spokesperson says the train traveling on the media elwin line hit the person near the fernwood yeadon station. about 90 passengers were evacuated from the train, transferred to septa buses to complete their trips, and that victim has yet to be identified. >> monsignor william lynn due back in court two days after just released from prison when his child endangerment conviction was returned. more details this morning, hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, it is expected that a new trial date will be set monsignor william lynn's attorney said it wouldn't be until sometime in 2017.
4:36 am
the monsignor was released from a prison in northeast pennsylvania on tuesday after serving nearly three years behind bars len the first to be convicted to help preditor priests, 2012 conviction twice overturned, days ago, the state supreme court through out the case saying the trial judge, let too many church victim testify who are not directly linked to the case in question. lincoln strict dollars late 199's, the district attorney's offers says it is intent on taking lynn back to trial. lynn's attorney said he's not surprised by the da's position. some of the material in his briefs have just been, you know, over the top, i think, inaccurate, and dishonest. but he's, you know, just hell bent to retrial this case. andand not with standing the fat that monsignor lynn now served
4:37 am
33 months of a three year sentence. aim not surprised. >> as you just heard his defend attorneys say, lynn has served 33 month of a 36-month sentence, so even with new trial, says if he could even receive it would be about two months, according to the defense attorney, he says that his client is in good spirit, again, we are expected this hearing to get underway mid-morning, lauren. >> all right, we'll wait and see what happens, thank you, jenny. developing out of london, deadly knife attack ends with one person dead, five injured. was this another terrorist attack? what officials have to say coming up after the break. i love you so much.
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one woman killed, five others injured, in that attack, and the center part of the city in brussels square, yesterday. authorities have arrested the attacker, officials say terrorism is a possible motive. no word on the condition of the other people injured. that will attacker has not been identified. >> controversy surrounding the obama administration this morning, there are reports that the president and his people secretly arrange add plane delivery of $400 million in carbon the same day iran released four american prisoners held there. and the day the nuclear deal was formally implemented. report say president obama approved the transfer, which was the first payment of a
4:41 am
$1.7 billion settlement all claimed over failed arms deal. >> the first time in our country, law enforcement officers arrested for terrorist related charge, federal prosecutors charge 36 year old nicholas young for allegedly trying to provide money, to isis. young is described as a disturbed man, and a convert to islam. court document show young was on the fbi's radar since 2010. young's next court appearance is tomorrow. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison, and $250,000 fine. a warping before you head down the shore this weekend, the reason your favorite beach could be closed.
4:42 am
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>> to a developing story down the shore, high levels of bacteria found down the water, pine beach borough, and other, closed, third beach, east beach station avenue, pine beach, under water quality advisory, and right now no beaches in atlantic, cape may, or monmouth counties are under advisories or closed, more than 99% state-wide were open. >> and, beating the heat just got little hard they are summer, sorry, philadelphia, you can no longer use dumpsters as pools. according to a recent article on billy penn, the mayor's offers says, quote, in view of the city's commitment to public health, safety and basic common sense, we will not issue permit for block party dumpster pools.
4:45 am
the video you see on your screen is of a dumpster pool party in new york, where a high-tech dumpster was used but back here in philadelphia, there were concerns on just how clean those dumpsters were. and the use of fire hydrants to fill up those dumpsters. >> sue, i think i got a note from you yesterday? >> i came across that story yesterday on the website. i just didn't even know it was a thing? and believe me, the one, the picture i saw, not as sophisticated as this pool. that actually looks like a real pool. >> yes. >> they just put like a plastic lining in it, and filled it with the fire hydrant water, which is really unsafe. so it was crazy. look at this dog. happy fox fursday to you. look at it smiling. this is from our friends theresa who said all it said was time to watch fox 29. look, he started smiling. just thank you for that. happy way to start our day. of course, there we go, there is ultimate doppler radar, i
4:46 am
can look at the dog all day long of course, but we have to tell but what's going to happen over the next couple of days. another nice day today like yesterday. few clouds here and there, some breezes picking up but pretty nice, friday looks to be dry day, as well. now, we do have cold front will come through on saturday, by that time it will be more humid. we may even make it to 90 degrees, on saturday, and it looks like we could see few scattered showers as early as 10:00 a.m. but the time of the afternoon really to keep an eye on the sky about 2:00, 3:00. we see the thunderstorms move in, that roll in from northwest to southeast hitting the shore maybe 6:00 in the evening, and then gone. today we have a day game with the phillies and the giant, hoping to get out the broom, as they say, for this series, and it will be about 82 degrees at 1:00. don't forget that sunscreen, it will be a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine, hopefully, another phillies victory. average high is 87. we've been enjoying few days with temperatures below
4:47 am
average, monday, tuesday and wednesday. and today is another one, high of 85, same for tomorrow. by saturday, we will be little more humid, as we mentioned, by sunday, we are talking about nice weather once again. so, just that one day on saturday try to make your outdoor plans on sunday, but if you have to do something outside on saturday, just start watching out for some thunderstorms in the afternoon. bob kelly? >> going to be little leary if mike invites me over for a pool party this weekend. the dumpster out front of his how the, right? >> 4:47. opening underway at the talcony palmyra bridge, same freighter that impacted the burlington bristol causing delays here, early morning stoppage of traffic on the talcony palmyra. light volume so far this morning. but grabbing your coffee and keys and headed for a bridge, make it the betsy ross there in the background. going to the next camera, live look, hello reading. good morning to you on a thursday. no problems or delays at all
4:48 am
on the major roadways, looking good out along 422, out near the reading area, no problems up and down that northeast extension, so off to nice quiet start on the thursday. going to the next camera, the platt bridge, see a lot of action, later on today. afternoon phillies game at 1:05, so just keep that in mine, even if you are not going to the game, you will feel the impact around lunchtime, as folks head into the ballpark, again, doing well, two out of three so far. and these afternoon games, typically, are closed to a sell-out. nice day as sue mentioned, good day, kids are out of school. going to see a lot of folks headed into the ballparkment then what's going to happen, bamm, instant traffic jam once the game is over as everybody leaves and instantly floods the schuylkill, 95, and the bridges. that will be around that 3:30 time point. and then as far as mass transit, the market frankford and the subway, still using buses until 5:00 and the vine street expressway still closed between broad street and the schuylkill. lauren, back over to you.
4:49 am
>> bob, thanks so much. more than 200 federal inmate received message from president owe bamm, a their request for clemency were granted that includes five men from philadelphia, three men from new jersey, the white house says the president commuted the sentences of 214 inmates nationwide, of those, 67 were serving life sentences, almost all were for non-violent drug crimes. president obama has commute dollars the sentences of 562 people since taking office. that is more than the past nine presidents combined. >> now to the latest on the fight against the zika virus, pentagon confirms 33 service members have contracted the virus overseas. meanwhile, doctors say, more than dozen people in miami have the virus. they believe after getting bitten by infected mosquitos. transmission of zika in the continental us has many state leaders caring out vigorous insecticides, sprague campaigns, which of course carries its own risk. scientists at the national institutes of health announced the launch of clinical trial for experimental zika vaccine.
4:50 am
>> a warning for anyone who uses the chip on your credit card. researchers say there could be a serious security flaw with those cards. the concern is over the card's magnetic strip, intend today tell a payment machine to tell a chip. can simply rewrite the strip's code to make it appear like a chip was card. that allows the thieves to keep counterfeiting. >> we are still 48 days away from the official start of fall. but general mills wants you to have one of the most popular fall flavors right now. the company is getting ready to roll out pump kin spice cheerios. the head of general mills cereal division confirms in april they would release the specialty flavor around labor day. but there are new reports that it may be released as soon as next week. that's early. >> graduating from high school just got little harder in new jersey, new jersey student lent soon have to pass two standardized test toss graduate high school. state board of education adopted the new requirements yesterday.
4:51 am
student will now have to pass a partnership for assessment of readiness for college and carreers test in algebra one and tent grade english language arts to get their diploma. it takes effect with student entering eighth grade this fall or the high school class of 2021. >> do you remember the junk east around town for the democratic national convention, right? well, they are disappearing, we'll tell you why coming up next.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> you're take ago look through our ski big bear cam this morning. two olden sedan models, most stolen 1998 honda civic, the number one most stolen car, the 1997 honda accord. i used to have that car. with 544 stolen, this is according to the national insurance crime bureau hot wheels report. so don't buy a a honda. new fox news poll shows hillary clinton has a 49 to 39% lead over donald trump.
4:55 am
that's four-point better for mrs. clinton than a pole taken last month. 61% of voters use clinic -- view clinton as dishonest, majority believe she qualified to be the country's next president. a symbol of the dnc remains in town nearly week after the convention wrapped up. you can still find those donkeys around the city, but not much longer. local officials announce the final result of the donkeys around town program. and the scavenger hunt that went along with that promotion. the delegations are now allowed to take the donkeys home. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell says the program was a huge success. >> these were extremely popular. the most, we had the scavenger hunt, almost 2300 people signed up for the scavenger hunt. >> donkeys will all be off the street by august 23rd. and we have to wish a very happy birthday to president
4:56 am
barack obama. he turns 55 years old today. this will be the last birthday he get to celebrate in the white house. now that his term is coming to an end. no word on what the plans are for the first family. >> now, to apology from the sesame workshop, as it tries to clear up some quote miss understandings around the changing roles at sesame street being last week word got out the three veteran actors from the children's program would not be part of the upcoming season. it set off an uproar. the ceo of sesame street says he'll meet with each of the actors to talk about their future involvement with the show. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it looks like britney spears is back. the pop princess announcing
4:57 am
she is releasing a new albumn, called, glory. you can get your hand on it in just a few weeks, on august 26th. but only if you have apple music, subscribers able to pre-order right now, the song you're listening to, private show, will also be on that albumn. 4:57. next at 5:00 shutdown at the shore, trump taj mahal is the latest atlantic city casino to call it quit. what this means for the cash-strapped town. >> and a local roman catholic official headed back to court today. good morning, jenny joyce. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, yes, monsignor william was released. why, we'll fill you in. where things come from?
4:58 am
how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness
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that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit! light & fit crunch.
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>> from here, we take it day-by-day. either we come to some type every settlement or the place is closed down. another atlantic city casino preparing to shut its doors, the trump taj mahal, the latest to say all bets are off. what this means for the already struggling shore town. >> and police help after a little boy is how many ate dollars at a playgrounds, the video to help track down those responsible. >> developing story out of london, attack of possible terror suspect carried out leaving one person dead, five other injured. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, august 4th, 2016. chris murphy has the morning off. sue serio, bob kelly and i are still holding down, sue, you get a ten for your


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